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I just thought I'd add what I found out from my regional DOL VETS rep yesterday about this subject.

He said failure of the agency to notify a 30% or more disabled vet and the OPM of a proposed passover is clearly in violation of the hiring procedures. The most serious portion of this violation is that in these cases, the hiring agency is making the final decision as to who gets hired when this decision is supposed to be made by the OPM.

He said his office has handled cases in the past dealing with this violation. The wronged vet files a claim with the DOL VETS office and they take it from there. He said in most cases, the violating hiring agency is willing to settle by agreeing to hire the vet. My very next question was to ask if there are retrobution protection laws in place to prevent the vet from being abused in the work center. The vet would no doubt be going into a hostile environment. He said there are very specific laws that prohibit such treatment.

I have been passed over for one vacancy so far since I received my disability rating without receiving prior notification. I have applied for about a dozen or so other vacancies which are still pending. If all my other methods of getting hired fail (e.i., merely applying for vacancies, or going the voc rehab training route), and I receive no passover notification for any of the these vacancies I've applied for, I may file a claim with the DOL and let them do their thing. Hey, you know what they say about an animal that gets backed into a corner?
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