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Originally posted by BinLurking
Grampi, you and I have been communicating via PM and shared with you what I know. In your comment here, you have to make the "cert" (certificate to select list). There is no passover if you are not on the select list and they cannot offer you the position if you are not on the cert list. I second what Flipper 348 said. You should re-direct your energies into the right direction i.e., finding employment, maybe in the private sector or a government contractor, rather than hanging out "here"! I am a firm believer in people who says: "there aren't any jobs around here" are the ones who are not looking for a job. I live in a small community and I have been employed since retirement from the service. YMMV.
As I have stated before, and for the last time, I'm not intersted in and will not be pursuing non-gov jobs. I currently have a secure job and I'm not willing to give up this job for the very insecure electronics tech jobs in the non-gov sector. I'm not saying there aren't any ET jobs out there, I just know the non-gov ET jobs are way too volitile for me.

If you mean being referred to the selecting official when you say "make the cert list", my application package has made the cert list for the vast majority of the vacancies I've applied for. It's during the final selection phase where I'm not being selected, and I think this is exactly what is referred to as being passed over.
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