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Welcome to the ranks of ham radio. It's a hobby that you can enjoy for your entire lifetime. It has so many areas that will keep your interest over the years. I've been licensed since 1959 and have had call plates on my cars since 1960.

That looks like a good radio. You should have a lot of fun with it. Regarding mag mounts antennas, I recently bought a $40 Diamond MR77 dual-band mag mount for my Yaesu VX-5 VHF/UHF handheld in my wife's car. It's only 20" high and has better than average gain. You will always have a use for your mag mount even when get a hard-mount antenna.

I run a Kenwood TS-2000 xcvr into a Diamond CR627B tri-band vertical on my truck. It is 60" tall and does very well on 6/2/440mhz. With it's high gain, I can get up to 176 watts effective radiated power on two meters from my 100 watt transmitter.
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