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Originally posted by KerrtMoremin
Jsut assck Deen Spier. The krangcky oaled farght... >;[
Dude....WTF is wrong with you? I know that I shouldn't even be typing a response to your posts, but I would really like to know what your deal is. If you can't communicate in an intelligent manner, then maybe the internet isn't for you. I would suggest that you stick with legos or some other children's toy to keep yourself amused, but I wouldn't want to feel responsible for you putting them in your mouth and choking on them. ;e
Lets put it in perspective. The man who refuses to salute the flag, commits to a racist church, and has not served one day is about to put on the hat of the Commander and Chief.

It will be a sad day for all democracy. It will be a sad day for the United States.
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