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dang...was looking thru some old posts to put in this thread, and i found stuff that always made me smile at least, laugh a bit, and...never an unkind word to anybody.

i took the liberty to put some things together...hope nobody minds...some replies and such. if it is a link, its CLASSIC WOOF that i couldn't possibly attempt to duplicate.

Flowmaster Rulz

Replace everything. Sooo easy. Such a feeling of accomplishment when you flush your next dump!!!

Go for it!

I like to bury my bone!


Please explain Eddie C's diet.

Never hit a dog!

Iíll bet that my olfactory abilities are better then yours!

My God! Get a puppy.

Mmmmm... Kielbasa

Me, Me, Me!!!

Waving both front paws in air and jumping up and down.

Woof, Woof

"We'll meet again...don't know where, don't know when; but I know we'll meet again, some sunny day."
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