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Originally posted by dmobrien2001
All my dogs, 4, are house dogs. They are NEVER left out. I take them out, observe them doing their business, and bring them back in. They are only out when I'm working in the yard or clearing the woods. Dogs are pack animals. When bought into a human family, you become the pack. They want to be with you. Dogs left outside or chained to a house are not happy nor in a normal state of mind.
my pup likes to be let outside for a while...she regards it her 'job,' to make sure the yard is kept empty of squirrels, birds, and other animals.

often times i'll peek out the window at her, and she'll be sitting or laying in the middle of the yard, keeping watch. hell, the only time shes ever barked at someone right away was when they were in the backyard (cable guy, i had her out to pee on a leash).

she'll chase (or herd, perhaps) anything out of her yard...when my g/f brings her dog (Aussie mix, loves to herd) down, they'll work as a team to patrol the yard...its actually quite amazing to watch how they work together without verbal communication like we would use.

leaving a dog outside doesn't necessarily bother them at all...i suppose it depends on the dog. some are real lapdogs, some like to be independant, and some are a mix.

when my dog is outside, she controls her yard. inside, shes a shadow/lapdog thru and thru.

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