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Originally posted by WolfmanGK
My dog knows that when he barks, it is time to come in. Sometimes he just likes to watch the cars go by, and be outside of the house. He's a good boy, late at night when it's too late for a bark he will usually give a "woof" that I can hear, cos he's a big dog, and his barks are loud.
Reagan isn't a huge GSD...about 75 lbs, which is average-ish for a female. she has a VERY male sounding ferocious type bark...but she doesn't use it often. lately shes been barking rather randomly...i assume she hears something outside that she doesn't like, because i'll look at her, and she'll be standing in the living room like, "yeah, i barked, so what!?!"

maybe its the early morning paper guy or something...

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