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recommendations for a pet first aid kit?

I have an emergency kit in the truck that doubles as an "I think I'll camp here for a couple of days" kit. In the kit is a daypack that I put essentials in for day hikes. I'd like to add a doggy first aid kit to the people first aid kit. I could just combine them I guess, but my OCD wants to keep things neat. Here's what I have so far:

Disposable shavers (to make it easier to clean/bandage wounds)
Benadryl (for bug bites-vet says 2 pills for 60 lb. dog)
Immodium (for Diarrhea, who wants that in the back of the Tahoe?)
Self-sticking wrap "vet wrap" and gauze
Antibiotic ointment
Acepromazine (doggie valium) from vet
Superglue (to close minor lacerations)

I don't have anything for snakebites yet, most of our hikes are in the desert

What else am I missing?
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