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Re: Bubble heads, identify this...

Originally posted by IA Glocker
Someone at work sent this to me, claiming that it was a 1954 mock-up of a computer taken from Popular Mechanics. I laughed, and told him that this was NOT a home computer mock-up, and that I knew exactly what it was.

I thought I would share this with some people who could identify it as well.

O.K., who's first?
Looks like the maneuvering room. The throttles and some controls that I would rather not identify here because I think they are still sensitive information. Or, it could also be the maneuvering room of a prorotype. I know this picture is floating around on the net, but I wouldn't want to be the one posting it. Some people should know better than posting this picture (especially nucs/officers or even ex-nucs/officers). But then again, what can you expect from f#%$^ nucs and zeros.
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