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Greater Philly Bucks,Montco,Ches,Dela. etc. FFL transfers,best fees,best places ...

First of all let me tell you that I believe we should have stickies for FFL transfer fees and addresses etc for different areas. Hello mods .

I'm about to buy some guns online and was looking for an FFL today that still had sane transfer fees. I used to do my transfers at Donn's and they used to charge me $20, everything included. Donn's apparently is history now and I couldn't find the "new" store on 309 for the life of me. They say it's Lenn's or something now but I couldn't see it even after driving almost an hour on both sides of the 309. There is no phone number or anything for the new store on the i-net, either.

Here is what I could get today. All prices are current as of 01.03.2005

Let me begin with the ones that raised my blood pressure a bit:

1. Classic Pistol $35
2. Tanner's Sport Center $40
3. E F Precision ( They are listed as Transfer FFL on AK-47 net but they didn't have an idea about the whole "gun thing" when I called them today ;Q )
4. Greg L. Johnston Ent. (I got fax signal when I tried their "phone no" all day today)
5. Mike & Kates Sport Shoppe $35

Somebody please give me a few names that charge you around $15-$20 for transfers. I personally believe that it's what they should charge us for 2 minutes of paperwork (maximum).

Feel free to list your favorite FFLs and their fees. Thanks.

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