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I'm totally out, too. I'm built like a thirteen year old but with childbearing hips!

I usually carry too much gun for a bra holster anyway. I went with decent-sized autos for a bit-Glock 23, then an FNP-9. Currently the carry-piece (I only personally own one gun at a time) is a 2 1/2" S&W 686+. Sold the FNP after a month because it kept hanging up coming out of my purse's gun-pocket. Hubby's the 9mm guy in our house, I'm afraid.

I like .357 Magnum revolvers best, the last few weeks of searching have taught me-they're after all what I qualified with in my LEO days, and I trust the larger-framed ones b/c I carried a Colt Python for many years and I miss it; the 686 reminds me of it, but less expensive and with 7 round capability. I don't trust the J-frame TiSc ones-they seem awful light for full-power .357s to be at all comfortable to shoot. The 686+ has a factory Hogue Monogrip that's good for my small hands, and even with full-power .357s has manageable recoil-better than my old 4" Python with Pachmyr finger grips had. Plus, it is easier to carry, being smaller.

Miao, Cat
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