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Originally posted by GSD17
Lol, aint that the truth. But in all seriousness. They just dont want this site to explain how to do anything illegal. Such as modifying a radio to operate on restricted bands or modifying a firearm to operate fully automatic. It would be different if people didnt know how to speed and wanted to figure out how to get their cars to do it. Not being a jerk about it or anything, I'm just trying to help Eric keep his rules here.
I honestly agree with you. The ONLY reason I have a 257 is that it simply looks better than the other chrome-faced boxes of metal that are out there. I hardly EVER tx on the Magnum, and I NEVER go into the ham channels (I honestly don't think I could if I wanted to). That said, the eagerness with which I've seen ham people jump on CBers (in this forum and various others) is quite distasteful, to say the least.
I wanna bring the heater and announce my presence with authority!
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