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Help me with my ABS and Back workout

I'm preparing for a huge sailboat race coming in May. This is an endurance test. I already am in good enough shape as far as not getting winded doing this kind of race. My problem is with my back and my abs. My other more minor problem is with pulling with my arms but I know the exercises to work on that.

I need a great workout to get my back and abs ready for this race. I'll be hanging from a wire in a harness sometimes for 6-8 hours a day and this really strains my back and abs. What would be a good workout at home or at a gym.

Right now I'm doing.
30 situps. 20 situps. then 15 situps. Twice a day.
Pushups 20 then 10.
I'm also hanging in my harness for extended times at my house.

My goal is endurance not building or defining. Is it really best to take a day off every other day if endurance is your goal?

What would be good home workouts for the back?

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