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Firefighter facial hair /Whats your policy?

Looks like we are about to have a little peeing contest at my department. Our policy literally states "No facial hair that interferes with mask seal." That has always been interpreted as "No Facial hair except a short mustache." Well wouldn't you know someone is finely testing it. He has a short goat tee (sp). Normally I would have said he doesn't have a chance of keeping it BUT. I'll give him a little credit in his timing. We had fit testing yesterday. He passed with his hair!

I worked OT on that shift this AM. Didn't feel I could tell him to shave it off under those circumstances. Looks like a job for the chief to decide.

Anyway, I was just wondering....Anyone have any good info on this. (Google didn't give me much)

Heck too tell you the truth I'll probably have me facial hair next week if he pulls this one off.

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