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Re: if it looks to good to be true---------------

Originally posted by Bill Powell

Picture it: stand of cherry trees, babbling brook, shade trees, all in a beautiful meadow, and not occupied by a bunch of officers. There I settled in for the night.

Then, about two or three o'clock in the morning my world exploded. My truck jumped straight up in the air, all the canvas came un-snapped, and one door flew open. It was then that I discovered I had parked not far enough down range, and about thirty beneath the muzzle of a 280mm atomic cannon, and they chose that time to pop off a round.
This EXACT same thing happened to me at Ft Campbell except mine involved a 105mm.

I, too, had pretty much the freedom to go wherever I wanted to. Late one night my buddy and I were trying to find a spot to crash for the night.

Finally found a spot in a little grove of trees at the edge of a clearing. Being a nice night, we just grabbed our sleeping bags and went to rack out a little ways into the clearing.

Couldn't have been 30mins later when a huge explosion occurred and scared the crap out of us. There was a 105mm howitzer no more than 25m away from us and we were just downrange of him.

After the initial shock, we just stayed in our bags and listened to the rounds go down range. Too cool.
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