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She walked away from the computer. Looking around the immaculate room for something out of place, her eyes lit upon carpet clump. "I just vacuumed an hour ago!" She put it into the waste basket. It was the only thing in there. Back at the computer, her post still hadn't been responded to. Her disappointment was deep. Barbie-Q really wanted Jetsam to explain that comment. She liked Jetsam. His last post seemed to indicate he was unhappy with her opinion. She could imagine him, much like herself, doing the same things she did...with her. It was obvious from his lack of response that he no longer favored her. The glowing screen soothed her somewhat. She posted on a few more threads, but nobody interested her the way Jetsam did. Eventually Barbie-Q gave up and went to bed. Half a continent away, Jetsam lay on the floor of his filthy, cluttered basement room. He was passed out drunk.
"Charge a gun and run from a knife."
---Jimmy Hoffa---

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