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I gave up on WC820F from I can't get it to burn clean enough, even with HOT Federal 155M primers...I wind up having to push the slide forward after about 8 rounds...WHAT am I going to do with 8lbs of this stuff??? Maybe I will work up a heavy field 12 gauge or 20 gauge load....

Did another Workup today with 95FMJ and VV 3N38. WOW!! This is an impressive powder with bullets lighter than 125 grains. 3N38 burns clean, and I didn't have any light strikes or slide not closing all the way.

9x25, 95 FMJ, Remington 2 1/2 primers, COL 1.280", well used Winchester brass.
Velocities measured at 10 feet from muzzle of G29 with 3.8" barrel.

3N38 5 shot Average
14.0 1651 FPS
14.5 1690 FPS
15.0 1770 FPS
15.4 1809 FPS -> This load had less than my max expansion, but it is a cool day for TX, and I think my hot weather max is somewhere around 15.0-15.2.

Cases started to stick at 16.4...

This thread has been dead for a while...Anybody else doing load work ups???

Have fun!
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