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Considering these facts before accepting through-n-throughs:
-Virtually all handgun rounds vary in diameter only approx one quarter of an inch (.22 vs .50 is only .28 inches).
-Expansion of these rounds upon impact then makes the "hole" vary up to another quarter to half of an inch.
-The above numbers are much smaller when considering the fact that most of us are using something between a 9mm and a .45 cal.
-Most of you brag about your preferred hot loads. Hot loads add velocity and torque. Think about WHY you are getting excited about these hot loads. It's because they have more power. Power for what?
-Power to penetrate, power to cause impact stress, power to knock down, power to cause damage when penetrating soft tissues.
-What good is all that power when the bullet passes through your fleshy target?!!??!

OK, maybe you were 1/16" closer to a major blood vessel because of expansion or because you simply have a big bore. Maybe your full penetration cut throgh an extra 2" of ribs and meat, but if that's the case then you've already went beyond the vitals. Human torsos front to back are average less than a foot thick, and most game animals are about 2 feet thick. If yuo pass through these then consider how much damage you've caused with your wound cavities, and think about all of the power you've wasted. Keep the power in your target for best results in maximizing the wound cavities. A hole doesn't always keep your game in place.
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