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I have two questions for you. I got a full blood yellow lab pup about three months ago, he's 5 months old now. The first question, When I play with him he tends to bite hard. Really hard. Sometimes even drawing blood. I tell him no a give him a little smack on the nose but i guess he thinks I'm playing when I do this because he just keeps biting hard. What do you think I should do to get him to stop biting so damn hard? Second question, He feels the need to chew up absolutely everything in the house. I bought him chew toys but he chews on everything else but them. How can I get him to stop this?

He was very good with everything else. He never whined when I put him in his kennel at night, He went to the bathroom maybe 4 times in the house the whole time I've had him even though he was kept outside by the people I bought him from. Those are about the only two problems I've ever had with him, he's a very good dog. Thanks!

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