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Originally posted by Sinister Angel
Must be one of those YMMV issues. My dad has 3 VFXs, One standard, one SD, and one SD-1. He also has a TS-12, but that needs a new display. We love them.
Well, at the time, I was using an Emulator III, a Korg M1, a Roland D-550, an E-Mu Vintage Keys and a Prophet-10. There was very little the Ensoniq could offer over those instruments in the way of sounds.

As to the key feel, I was trained as a classical pianist. The keybed of an instrument is (was, actually, I hardly play at all anymore) very important. Since the Yamaha DX-7, keybeds have continued to get worse and worse. In fact, I *won't* own any of the Kurzweil products that have non-weighted keyboards. I love my K-2000VPR, but they keyboards suck bigtime. That's why I still have Yamaha KX88 and KX76 controllers to drive all my rack instruments. The keybeds on these are the cat's ass.

So you see why the keyboard on the VFX was problematic for me. It had very little feel, and was exceptionally spongy in feel.

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