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Nice looking Lab 8-Ball!!
When I play with him he tends to bite hard.
This is an esy one, don't rough-house with him!!!
Play ball or tug-of-war with a tug toy. There is no reason to rough-house with a dog because in dog language YOU CAN NOT WIN!!
I am pretty sure he will chase a ball until your arm falls off from throwing it for him. Teach him how to bring the ball back to you and this will satisfy his need to run and bite things.
Labs are very mouthy dogs anyway don't encourage him by playing rough for biting you. He will only fear you...
If he bites at your hands when not playing rough stick one of his chew toys in his mouth.
Also if you have water around you where he can swim get him a water kong. The white one in the picture.Woof Memorial Critter's Corner

They are ALL good dogs!!;f
let me know how it goes....
Did you pet your dog today?
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