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I have a question for you about potty training. I have a 18 week old Fila Mastiff that I have had for 8 weeks now. I have tried everything you have posted here to try to train him. My wife and I thought we were making good progress with him when he started to scratch at the door to go out, but now he just stops what he is doing and pees. We will have taken him out less than 5 minutes, no exaggeration, and he will go in the house. This last weekend, he was outside and we brought him in and he went within 30 seconds of coming back into the house. When he does go in the house, we tell him he is bad in a loud voice and take him outside. Then I take him to his crate for a "time-out". Basically, our patience is wearing thin. It is becoming a daily occurrence. We do not want an outside dog, we want an indoor family dog. We have even talked to breeders about this problem and they say he probably has a weak bladder and he will grow out of it. It just does not make sense that he will tell us sometimes he wants to go out and other times he just goes. Any advice? ;g
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