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Originally posted by cocor

Thanks for your help.
He is healthy, but I do not know if he can hold it for the 8 to 9 hours we are gone for the day. He has started to pee in his crate. Tonight I am going to make the crate a little smaller, although he is growing fast. At 18 weeks, he is 54lbs already. His dad weighs in at 238lbs right now, so he is going to be a big boy. So I will also get him one of those water containers you suggested for his crate. I told my wife about tying a leash to ourselves and keeping him with us and she was a little curious how we are supposed to do that. We have a baby gate in our computer room where we spend most of our time going to school so he is there all the time with us. Should we have him tied to us even when he plays? Whenever we leave the room, he is right by our side, so having him on a leash will not be a problem there. It will actually help him stay to one side of us instead of cutting us off all the time. Thanks again for your help.

THe way I leash my pooch to me is with a longer than normal leash (like 8-9) feet. Put a carabiner in the loop of the leash, wrap the leash around your waist and clip the 'biner to the leash
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