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You oughta see if you can get on the Birmingham Amateur Radio Club (BARC) reapter (W4CUE). It's 146.88 duplex negative (146.28 talk-in). Maybe we can get a GT-Alabama meeting going one day.

I checked out your radio on I was surprised to see it is capable of 75 watts. My two radios only go up to 50 and 55 watts. Oh well, they work (and work very well...they're Icoms, afterall).

Here's a link to BARC's repeater listing. It's mostly the Birmingham area, but you should be able to find some you can reach.

If you need help programming your rig I'll see what I can do for you.

BTW, your call sign is Kilo Alpha Four Irritable Bowel Syndrome ;f ;a ;g
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