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The old Z3M was fairly fast on the straightaway but were dogs around the curves. The chassis and suspension on the Z3 were simply too old. It wasn't too bad with the old M3 engine (245-hp), but when BMW stuffed the newer M3 engine (315-hp slightly detuned from 333-hp), it was all over the place. The chassis couldn't handle the torque and flexed too much.

I would like to see a bevy of supposedly handling cars like the Sti, Evo, Mustang Cobra, et al to go up against the S2000, the Z4 and the Boxster on a road course.

I think that it was Motor Trend (I'm thinking Automobile magazine), but it was one of the Big Three motor mags that did a comparison between old race cars against the Miata, S2000 and the Lotus Elise. The Elise with all its supposed supercar handling and acceleration, barely nudged out the S2000.

But if I were in the market for a car that I'm going to take to road races on regular basis and be damned with luxury and comfort, I'd somehow come up with the extra $10,000 and get the Lotus Elise before anything else.
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