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Activision Has Discriminatory CoD Survey

Had a situation come up that pi$$ed me off, and decided to tell what happened.

I received an email from Activision advertising a Call of Duty sweepstakes. It was sent to the email I used to register CoD.
In the email, I was asked to participate in a survey about future game development. I decided to be a "nice person" and do the survey...
I get to the 2nd question; "what is your age" and replied "50". After entering that answer, the reply was " thank-you but your further participation is not required". WTF?

After closing my email, I was able to reenter the survey. This time I entered "23 years", and got the next question , which was sex; M or F? I entered female (for the heck of it), and got the same "thank-you, but..." response! WTF again!!

So, I enter a 3rd time, as a 20 yr. old male, and guess what? I am continuing with the survey!
I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, but it made me angry. I'm sure 50 yr olds aren't their main customer demographic, but I've been playing computer and console games since the 80's.
Yeah, why would they want my opinion on game development? ;T

Anyway, it sems like bad business to me. This has soured me on their products.
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