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I once bought a $150 Japanese Fender Strat just for playing live... it had waaay too much treble in it for my band's music, but it really took a beating and was pretty good on the solo.

Ibanez make good guitars with a heavy sound... just make sure if your singer screams, that he REALLY CAN scream!!! I got a sample cd after a Slipknot concert a couple of weeks ago and the "screamers" on a few of the songs were just weak... imagine a dog with bad vocal chords trying to scream things like "madness" and "hurt."

It was terrible hahaha.

Back to the point though, I'd play your Jackson. It's a really quality guitar- just don't be jumping into the crowd with it or smashing it on stage.

Marshall amps will do fine too... so +1 there as well.
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