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Ultimate Fighter

Man, the Ultimate Fighter last night was great. Two tough fights. The last one when the guy tapped out with two seconds left in the round was really something to watch. He must have really been cranking on his arm to get him to tap. The headlock looked like he was going to choke the guy out. I have no idea how he got out of that headlock.

The first fight with Sam was fun to watch. I couldn't wait to see Sam put out. That was the first time I saw Sam's skill. He actually was pretty good at arm's length. He had no skills in the clinch or on the ground.

This Saturday at 8 is the finals on Spike. They are replaying all of the previous shows starting at like 10am in the morning. I got my TIVO set up to get it all.

I'd like to see Diego win but it's going to be a tough one.

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