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Happy LEE customer and Lyman M-Dies Save the day!

If you reload 9x25 on 100% Dillon equipment, then I suppose this won't be of interest to you...

I quit using the 357 Sig die to pre-form my new 9x25 brass. I wasn't using any lube with this steel die, so it got scratched up. I also broke off (like head separation) a well used piece of brass in it, and sent it back to LEE to have them remove it. (BTW, I only sent them the sizer die, and they sent me back an ENTIRE set of 357 Sig Dies FREE...)

In the same order from Lee, I paid for a 9mm Factory crimp die SLEEVE. I put it in the 10mm FCD body, and it gives a good crimp that is MUCH easier to adjust than the Dillon Crimp die...This works very well, but, like the Dillon Crimp die, will buckle the case if too much crimp is applied. Pat Lee told me for short necked calibers they had a NEW way of doing the FCD more like the rifle calibers. I considered a custom one made, but decided to try the 9mm sleeve in the 10mm body first. Using the Dillon Sizer, I recognized that It doesn't size all the way down the brass, and I figured I might want to keep the 10mm Lee FCD to iron out any bulging in previously fired brass. I don't think the rifle-like FCD will do this...

I had a discussion with Pat Lee about how the Dillon Sizing/Forming Die narrows the neck too much, and the Lee 9mm expander has too short of a bearing surface. It was causing my 95 grain bullets to seat crooked and not be chamberable about 90% of the time. When I sent the sizer back, I included the 357 Sig expander and about 10 pieces of newly formed brass. They sent me back a 38 S & W Special expander that was longer and had been turned down to be appropriate for .355 bullets. (For FREE!) This new expander got me up to about a 90% success rate, but still about 1 in 10 NEW pieces of brass wouldn't chamber.

At this point, I considered selling my 9x25 stuff...NAH...

I was placing an order from Midway, so I included the Lyman M-Die for 9mm in the order. I had a 45ACP Lyman M-die body around, so I figured if the die body was too narrow, I could put the 9mm pilot in the 45 body and be OK. This was NOT necessary. The 9mm Lyman M-die body easily accepted the 10mm cartridge.

The long bearing surface of the Lyman M-Die pilot was EXACTLY what I needed!!! I am now up to 100% success with NEW brass!!! (Fired brass was never a problem...It was always newly formed brass that gave me trouble.)

The 5 station tool head for my LoadMaster has all 5 stations full, and has dies from 3 companies!
1st Station -> Dillon 9x25 sizing/forming die
2nd station -> Lyman M-die
3rd station -> Lee 357 Sig expander/powder die with 38 S & W custom expander
4th station -> Lee Unmodified bullet seating die set to provide NO crimp
5th station -> 10mm FCD body with 9mm FCD Sleeve.

Turns out 100% chamberable rounds with new brass!!! I am starting to feel like a Wildcat developer...

Hope this might help someone!
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