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Believe it or not, a non trem Ibanez S-series guitar with a seymour duncan JB in the bridge is about as heavy as you can get tonally. I sold my Les Paul (EMG's) after getting one of these as they play soooo much better and sound amazing. They have a mahogany body with the maple neck so you get a great blend of heavy with alot of high end to cut through. The JB has enough mids to round out the sound nicely. I also have one of the new Japanese made jackson dinky's with a stopbar tailpiece and it's a really nice guitar. Fit and finish is awesome and it wasn't that much.

Amp wise, I'd stick with something tube. Try out the new Peavy's. Also Crate makes a couple of really trick amps, but stay away from anything guitar center sells as they are proprietary amps that you generally can't get serviced through a regular dealer. This goes for all their stuff.
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