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here's is my response to a prior thread about home made sauce (and meatballs) that i had posted before:

"quote:Originally posted by moeman

If meat is used it must be browned a lot first. Chuck cubed in small pieces with a couple of Italian sausages (meat out of the sausage case) makes a good combo."

quite the contrary, i never brown or pre-cook my meatballs. that's why many times they come out hard.

i use breadcrumbs and an egg along with a little romano cheese in my meatballs (along with my regular spices). i roll 'em up and then cook them IN ALONG WITH THE SAUCE. i do NOT cook them up ahead. they just simmer in and with the sauce for about 3-4 hours on SIMMER. that means very very low!!! too many people crank the heat up and try to cook sauce too fast and wonder why it sucks!! cook it long, slow, and low.

and i always use a good sized pinch of sugar in the sauce to take any bitter edge off of it from the garlic or oregano and cut the acidity of the tomato sauce & paste.

and don't be afraid to season to taste. once again too many people fail to season properly and wonder why their dishes don't taste any different than styrofoam.

- a little EVOO in the pan just to get the garlic going -
- garlic (just lightly color it. don't BROWN it) -
- oregano -
- basil -
- rosemary -
- salt -
- pepper -
- garlic powder -
(i usually like to get all the spices going with the oil and garlic to bring out the flavors)
- 3 small cans of tomato paste -
- 1 large can of tomato sauce -
- 5-6 cups of water (I usually go with 5 because you can always add more if it's too thick but if it's too thin you're screwed. and i HATE thin watery sauce)-
- then add the meatballs as i described above -
- good pinch of sugar -
- add a little romano cheese -
- bring it to temperature for a short time and then turn the heat DOWN to SIMMER -
- 3-4 hours cooking time -
- after about the half way point check for reseasoning and see if you need to add anything -
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