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In Full turnouts with airpack (not on air to start):

1. Pull 5" hose with humat valve 20' to hydrant and hook up.
2. Go on air.
3. Carry 200 ft 2 1/2" hose 200 feet.
4. Pick up haligan and go up and down 1 flight of steps 4 times.
5. Advance 1 3/4" handline 100 feet and flow water.
6. Raise ground ladder to height of 20", pick up axe, climb to top and lock in, climb down and lower ladder.
7. Using sledge hammer, strike 10 foot long 6 x 6 beam moving it 10 feet.
8. Walk back to engine, test ends.

There is no time limit on test, but it must be completed on one tank of air.
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