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Honestly, I don't know. I only know of him through Steve Mc Daniel of Alaska Tactical. Steve knows him very well though and trains with him. You can call Steve at Alaska Tactical 907-338-3458 or contact him via e-mail (I don't know his business e-mail just his personal which I won't give out) which you can get off his website

I can tell you that Jeff Hall work with the NRA Law Enforcement Instructor Training Programs.

I have also trained unde Ted Smith of APD SWAT and formerly ???(I heard that he stopped, I'll have to aks him)a full instructor at Gunsite. Steve is also a Gunsite instructor.

I recommend both Steve and Ted very heartily. Steve travels, I don;t know if Ted does. I doubt it, due to his full time APD obligations.

If you wanted to visit Alaska in the summer, there is not time like the present, Bill Jean (of Morrigan Consulting) is coming up this summer to run a rifle/carbine class with Steve. Come to Anchorage, see Alaska in the summer, do some fishing, take a rifle class with two world class famous instructors...what's not to like?

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