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Ours is done wearing an scba but not on air. Wearing athletic clothes and comfortable shoes, no turnouts unless you're like me and have a masocistic side.

Event 1: Climb aerial that is extended to 85 feet, not sure of the angle, but it's kind of steep. Time limit is 4 minutes. I don't recall ever seeing anyone fail this section and it usually takes about a minute and a half for most people. Once the safety harness comes off you get a two minute rest before the start of the next event.

Event 2: This is one continuous course. Candidate starts about 30 feet from the training tower with a 100 foot hose bundle on their shoulder. At the start signal they go into the tower and climb to the fourth floor where they deposit the hose bundle at the top of the steps. They proceed to the opposite corner of the building and raise a 40# weight up to the window sill level then lower it back down, automatic DQ for letting the rope slip through the hands on the way back down. They then pick the hose bundle back up and go down the steps, automatic DQ for skipping steps on the way down. They then exit the tower and cross back over the start line where they deposit the hose bundle on the ground. Then they go back to the tower and take a ladder off of hooks on the wall and set it on the ground. Next they take another ladder and raise it up against the side of the building. From there they go to a third ladder and raise the fly section to full extension then lower it back down, again no letting the rope slip. They then lower the second ladder back down to the ground and replace the first ladder back onto the hooks. (Now comes the hard part.) Once done with the ladders they hop onto a Kaiser Force Machine and use an 8# sledge hammer to drive the weight the full length of the machine. If they have any energy left they then go to a fire hydrant prop and turn the hydrant wrench 12 turns clockwise, DQ for going over a fault line. After the hydrant they drag a metal sled 100 feet. Wait, we're not done yet!! The last part of this section is to roll a 100' section of five inch hose. Time limit for all this you ask? Six minutes and twenty five seconds. Someone in good shape that is at least somewhat familiar with the time saving techniques for all this can usually do it in around five minutes. Last time I did it I ran it in six even, but that was in turnouts and breathing off the scba. At the end the candidate gets a two minute rest and removes the scba.

Event 3: Candidate crawls 30' down a 3' diameter tube knocks on the end cap and comes back out. Time limit is two and a half minutes but most people only take about thirty seconds.

Recently the powers that be have started trying to require that the participant lower their heart rate to below 100 bpm within a half hour as a measure of how fit they really are. An out of shape person can accomplish all this but be pretty wiped out for the rest of the day.

Sound like fun? If it does I must be telling it wrong.
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