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Originally posted by Hesparus
Kurt Wimmer's "Equilibrium" has been mentioned already. In all seriousness, does anybody practice any kind of kata with guns? For those of us who practice weapons kata in the first place, why shouldn't we treat firearms like any other weapon and practice kata with them?
I dabbled a while ago with replacing a sword with a gun when practicing my iaijutsu kata. Because drawing the sword/gun is integral to the art I figured it would be usable in today's self-defense environment. It also occured to me that the kata "Stick and Knife" (from kosho-ryu kempo) does not have to be done with a stick and a knife. You can effectively replace the knife with a gun and practice short-range gun fighting and then replace the stick with a knife for even shorter range.
I understand that this idea sounds dumb, so I welcome your ridicule.

- Chris
This is silly, but it makes my point, so bear with me.

Unofficial definition of Kata: Stringing tecniques together and practicing them over and over.

Hence we could call anything we do over and over a Kata. i.e. The going to the mailbox Kata. Fiqure out what we think is the best way to go get the mail and practice it over and over. If during that trip to the mail box something else comes up, we find the best way to deal with that distraction. (alternative bunkai)

When you go to the range and practice with your guns (say an IDPA type scenario) then in a sense, that is a gun Kata.

In Isshinryu Karate we have an empty hand Kata called Kusanku. We also use the very same Kata with Sai to make a weapon Kata.

First you learn the empty hand Kata. (correctly). Then you can pick up just about anything (gun, knife, cane, stick, ball point pen, etc.) and it becomes a lethal weapon. Most confrontations (including gun) will be at empty hand range anyway. (or close to it)

The key to all this is knowing your basic technique. Too many students want to take shortcuts and not put in the work to learn the basics. They reason they will just "pick up a stick" or "draw my gun". What happens if there is no stick or you don't have time to draw your gun? That is why we teach empty hand first.

Anyway, back to your original question, It certainly wouldn't hurt to add gun bunkai to any and all of your basic Kata. After all: If you can do it with your bare hands, you can certainly do it with a weapon in your hand. Just another tool in your toolbox.

I guess my "old school" is showing again.

Probably more than you wanted to hear from me but it gave me an opportunity to rant a little. For that I thank you.


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