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Great input, Sensei.
I do see your point about how weapons techniques and kata shouldn't be any different from unarmed techniques and kata. However, I think this only holds up to a point. Every weapon is different and must be treated differently. For example, the dynamics of a yawara are very different from the dynamics of a yari. Although the principles of their use can be derived from the same style and movements, I don't believe that the same kata would teach one the use of both. I do believe, though, that the same group of kata can be used for multiple weapons (I mean, who only practices one kata?). In my original post, I talked about using preexisting kata for several different weapon combinations, some including guns, as opposed to creating whole new katas just for guns (although I still don't think this is such a bad idea, as guns are unique among weapons for a variety of reasons).
I'd love to hear more of your rants, if you've got them.

- Chris
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