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My First MVC as a Medic

Well, I am about three weeks from graduating from my EMT-B class. I also am a First Responder. I was at my local FD, when a call for a MVC, came out. One vehicle vs. a Telephone pole.

One of the EMT's told me to BSI up, and get in back. One other EMT drove. While en-route to the accident, I was thinking of what to do. I have been a cop for 14 years and handeld hundred's of PI accidents.

For this one I was nervous. Well, after arriving my PT was already out of the truck and standing. I quickly c-collared him, and got a couple of the cops (whom was making fun of me - *******s) to help board him standing. The other EMT was standing right along side of me, and watched. I really can't remember all I said or did. I just did it.

I was told that I did a great job, with the O2 and the SAMPLE questions, and DCAP-BTLS....So I feel pretty good about it.

I thought that I forgot everything the RN's were teaching me at the hosptial, but I guess not.

Thanks for Listening, I just wanted to rant a bit....


;c ;c
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