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The test was not at all what I imagined. The practical part was, of course, everything we practiced in class. That was really the part of the test that I was worried about. AND, I was the only one from my department that passed that portion (4 of us took the test). If you haven't already taken that part my advice is study the critical fails for each station. That's what will get you. And for the trauma station not recognizing and treating secondary conditions will get you (ie... not saying that you recognize and are treating for shock)

As far as the written part goes, study the NREMT ciriculum. The book may get you close but it's not always exact with the ciriculum. My advice on the written part. KNOW YOUR AIRWAY AND RESPIRATIONS! Most of the resp rates they will give you on the test are borderline rates between where you would just put on a Non-rebreather mask or where you would apply a BVM. Know your rates and where the ciriculum tells you to make the switch. That means you have to know resp rates for all classes, adults, adolescents, children, toddlers, infants, newborns. That's the best advise I can give. I wasn't too worried about the written part and I feel pretty good about passing it.
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