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If you are left-handed and have a dominant left eye, you are blessed! Practice left-handed, shoot left-handed and it will quicky become natural to you.

The reason that most of us lefties do things right-handed is because we were taught by right-handers, or simply because there isn't a left-handed option. I think that the Marines borrowed their "adapt and overcome" attitude from us lefties!

I learned to shoot rifles right-handed, because I am right-eye dominant, and 99.9% (my own statistic) of rifles are manufactured for right-handers. And, the M-14 puts hot brass down the neck of left-handed shooters. Also, in the Army, I was taught to shoot my .45 right-handed, and there were only right-handed holsters. My right-eye dominance helped there, too.

With a little time...and spare at qualification, my DI said he was taking all the credit when I qualified "expert" right-handed AND left-handed.
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