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Originally posted by ClydeG19
Being a volunteer dept, we have none. We have basic requirements to ride without waiting for an officer's permission, but no physical requirements. They say too many people would quit if something like that was instituted. I think that a rule like that would scare off the dead weight and leave the people who really want to be there.

There are people who want to fight the fire and then there are people who want to be at the fire. I'd rather ride with 3 other motivated people than 6 other people who not motivated.
+1 - Same with my company. I'll not be as quick to say it'd scare off dead weight however, as we've got quite a few who would not pass such requirements however they are very helpful when it comes to running for equipment, manning the pump, directing traffic and other assorted tasks which do not have such a physical demand. We're hurting enough as it is, if we had to have good firefighters do these tasks, getting the job done would only be that much harder. Just my $.02

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