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Ours is this:

Wearing turnout coat, helmet, gloves, and SCBA (not on air).

Station 1
Walk from start line 300', then climb stairs to the fourth floor of the tower (hitting every step). Hoist a 50' roll of cotton jacket, brass coupled 2 1/2" to the fourth floor. Decend from the tower, hitting every step. On to station 2.

Station 2
leave the tower and walk to the rear of a pickup, which is located on the other side of the tower. The pickup is 6' from the wall. You remove 7 rolls of cotton jacket 2 1/2" (glad we run synthetic on the rigs!), one at a time to the wall. then all back in the truck bed, then to the wall, then to the truck bed a second time. On to station 3.

Station 3
pick up the sledge hammer (8lb.) and strike the ground level prop 50 times. on to Station 4.

Station 4
advance 150' of 1 3/4" charged hose line. Actual drag distance is 100'. Set nozzle on ground at line. On to Station 5.

Station 5

Pick up 100' 1 3/4" hose bundle, shoulder load it, and carry it 150' to the start/finish line.

Test complete. We just ran a hiring list through the PAT. The time limit tocomplete the test was a maximum of 6 minutes. The time is the average of the times posted by all members of our department, including chiefs. Some taking it pass easily, others don't complete in time, and others don't complete.
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