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I've been training in Krav Maga for about 9 months...having no other fighting/martial arts experience I can't really make many comparisons. It does encourage and teach technique for eye gouging and how to strike the groin with a cuped hand to inflict maximum damage, kneeing the head/face, hammerfisting the back of the neck, etc.

I feel much safer running in isolated areas now, and will feel safer yet when I get my glock 26...

It depends a lot on the school and instructor...we're lucky to have an experienced student who teaches Krav and SPEAR in the military who brings in a Redman suit (if you haven't seen one, google it, it's awesome!) from time to time for some serious skills testing.

I'm not sure what's wrong with hand wraps (most schools mandate a MMA type glove). 20 minutes out of an hour are usually spent punching a fairly rigid target, a real fight is only going to last a few seconds, it seems logical to protect an important joint in training.
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