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When I started at my current place of employment I was still a basic and I would get caught off gaurd by more senior memebers that were Paramedics calling me a medic, It had me confused, then somebody explained that around the area all EMT's were refered to among themselves as medics. Maybe it comes from the MEDICal in the emergency medical technician part. Something else that I have picked up on, even having the BASIC rocker above my Illinois patch a lot of calls that I go on the patients refer to us all as medics, if the time and sitution permits a little education usually sets them straight, sometimes the public does not know the difference. Even now as a Paramedic I refer to my coworkers that are not Paramedics as medics. I guess it is a regional thing, to be safe just use the same termonology as the rest of your fellow EMS providers in ther area. You did a good job on the call which is good, because somebody has to step up to the plate after I left that department, just kidding. You will do good in EMS.
Michael McAlvey

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