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"So," the lawyer says, . . .

"are you telling the court that for the past several years you have been pounding your hands into this 'makiwara board'?"

The defendant replies, "Yes".

The lawyer than relates "And as I understand it, the purpose of such training is to make your hands actually HARDER and more calcified than the average person's hands. Is that not correct?"

The defendant replies, "Yes, but. . . "

The lawyer interrupts, "So your hands are more likely to inflict MAJOR trauma to a person being struck by them, kind of like being hit by a brick??"

"Well, um, NO," replies the defendant.

"Oh, so you don't practice breaking boards or bricks or concrete blocks with your hands?" the lawyer asks.

"Well, yes, we do practice this kind of training," the defendant acknowledges.

The lawyer then argues, "And do you not think that hands capable of breaking multiple boards or concrete or bricks could easily be capable of inflicting lethal force? That's the point, isn't it- to condition your hands beyond normal bounds so that you can strike an individual like my client HARDER without hurting yourself?"

An idiot with a decent lawyer will own you after the fight is over.

My advice- carry a brick around with you, or a board, or an asp baton. You'll get the same results both legally and physically and you'll at least not end up with arthritis when you hit 55.

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