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your hands

Be careful when conditioning your hands. Do it to some degree but I wouldnt say every day. You also want to make sure you remain finger flexibility. That is your top priority. I do silat and my instructor has known some karate guys that couldnt even hold a glass when they where old. You may be able to break bricks but it is sad if you lose the functioning. So stretch your fingers plenty. I do hit concrete a little but only about twice a week and the other times I use a phone book. YOu dont have to buy anything to condition your hands, that is just a gimmick. Get 2 phonebooks and wrap them in ducktape. YOu can watch tv or whatever and hit them with each part of the hand you want to train. This is more for power than conditioning. YOu should practice being relaxed but let your hand fall heavy instead of accelerating it with your arm. After a while you should practice very close to the phone book and be able to hit it with the same power and then you developed close range power. GOod luck.

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