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In my younger days I played around with makiwara boards. My hands actually got pretty tough. In the last few years, I have discovered the old fashioned heavy bag. I started out with boxing gloves. Then as my hands and wrists adapted I worked through bag gloves, to speed bag gloves, to leather work gloves then finally to bare knuckles.
I find I can put my full blows now into any part of the bag, including that nasty hard bottom of the bag, and have no pain in my knuckles, hands, or wrists. If I am in a fight, my fist and maybe first targets should be the gut, groin, neck, or jaw. None of those are as hard as a makiwara. Hopefully I will be close enough for elbows and head buts pretty quickly. If I am going for a head shot I will probably us a palm strike or "knife hand". I do not like those much because they take too much motor skill.
If I am going to hit something really hard really hard with something really hard, I would rather use a stick I think than my fist. I do lots of exercises for my hands and grip including finger extensions. The thought of not being able to type or hold a glass of water in "old age" is pretty sobering. I had never thought of causing irreversable damage to my hands this way.
BTW, I used to dive with my doctor, so I was lucky;f


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