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There is a point that must be injected here:

Has anyone in this thread actually trained in a traditional martial art? I highly doubt it.

One of the problems with the "new" movement, is to lump every method developed prior to a decade ago as "traditional"- thereby including the traditional martial arts in the same category as the modern martial arts (read: The watered-down, McDojo type of methods).

The very few people you'll meet (such as myself) who have trained in a genuinely traditional (koryu) martial art, bear absolutely no resemblence to the strip mall joints; although, as Vanguard so eloquently ;Q put it, we do "wear pajamas and bow". Spend a few hours hours in a genuinely traditional school, and you'll see a completely different environment than what you expected.

Folks, superficialism is a ridiculous thing- and making assessments based on such a superficial criteria as what a person wears, is a little juvenile for serious martial artists. Speaking on a topic without the benefit of an understanding of the topic, is equally juvenile- however, on the latter point, the state of ignorance is understandable, because no education had been provided (or sought, for that matter)- and now you know better.

It is equally juvenile to believe that all others should study for precisely the same reason you do- not everyone desires to be "ultimate combat guru"; for that matter, not everyone studies for combative purposes at all.
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