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I, for one, have trained in a traditional martial art, and it was not even in this country, it was not a Mcdojo. I knew many traditional martial artists there who did use traditional weapons in real street fights. While there, I carried a set of nunchuku around with me all the time, and used them.

The only piece of padded equipment in the whole school was the canvas heavy bag. Compared to schools I have seen in here, this place was like stepping back in time 100 years.

I have no reason to think I am something special in the MA's. But, I have also been around MA in the past twenty years and all over the world to tell you NO traditional martial art I have ever been exposed too holds all the cards when it comes to fighting.

Since the average student spends less then two years in any given martial art, I can honestly say this, an average student with two years in a good boxing, kickboxing, BJJ, MT, or Straight Blast Gym type school will be able to take on most any "street fighter" or the majority of sutdents with two years training in a TMA school.

Its not very often the masters of any TMA come out to the street to play, so telling me a 7th Dan Sifu Grand Master can beat me up does not mean his art good for self defense.

And considering the FACT that only about 1-2% of the population study any kind of MA at all, yet still manage to get through life without many problems (and that includes police officers, military, et al) maybe it really does not make a difference, accept to us 1-2%?
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