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Originally posted by Roundeyesamurai
Might I inquire, which koryu budo you studied, and where?
Sure, it was the school in Cerro de Pasco, Peru, it says "KARATE" above the door, I am sure you know it. By the way, I have no idea what koryu budo it was, since the teacher could not speak Spanish or english and the entire class was conducted in Japanise or Chinese, which I do not speak.

On a side note, Cerro de Pasco, at 14,000+ feet in the Andies is the highest city in the world, you have to travel on the highest highway in the world, over 15,000 ft, to get to it. Talk about high altitude training!

I don't agree with this for a second- the determining factor is the individual, not the method. This is as true now as it has been for thousands of years.
And I don't buy that for one second either. And if that is true, it totally contradicts training in any form, because the victor is dictated by your false dicotomy of the individual over the training.

No, it really doesn't. One wonders, then, what convinces an even smaller fraction of that small fraction of the population, to get on the internet and proclaim that "their (insert method) is the best".
I agree, but the facts are the facts, every traditional MA I have ever seen uses the same tired "No true Scottsman" fallicy. They go on and on about how the true karate/kung fu/TKD/gung fu masters choose not to show themselves in the real world of MMA, boxing, kickboxing, or even a challenge fight. They are just too good to mess with the lower forms of MA. Or they are too dangerous and would kill someone with the chi/ki/monkey/tiger/crane/dragon power they have developed over the past 80 years of daily meditation, horse stance traning, candle gazing and brick breaking.

And, for the record, I have never said my art or any art is the best, every single one I have been exposed too has something to offer, even if it is just wild tales of fire balls from the finger tips, they are at least good for a laugh.

Heck, Roundeye, I even like the systema I have seen, what does that tell you about me?

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