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Originally posted by MARTIN FISHER
Sure, it was the school in Cerro de Pasco, Peru, it says "KARATE" above the door, I am sure you know it. By the way, I have no idea what koryu budo it was, since the teacher could not speak Spanish or english and the entire class was conducted in Japanise or Chinese, which I do not speak.
Cool, TYVM.

Originally posted by MARTIN FISHER
And I don't buy that for one second either. And if that is true, it totally contradicts training in any form, because the victor is dictated by your false dicotomy of the individual over the training.
Why would it contradict training? The purpose of training is the improvement of the individual. If the purpose of training were solely the regimentation of the individual into a set way of doing things (the theoretical "best way of doing things"), then military training would be the epitome of hand-to-hand combat skills, which it most certainly isn't.

Originally posted by MARTIN FISHER
I agree, but the facts are the facts, every traditional MA I have ever seen uses the same tired "No true Scottsman" fallicy. They go on and on about how the true karate/kung fu/TKD/gung fu masters choose not to show themselves in the real world of MMA, boxing, kickboxing, or even a challenge fight. They are just too good to mess with the lower forms of MA. Or they are too dangerous and would kill someone with the chi/ki/monkey/tiger/crane/dragon power they have developed over the past 80 years of daily meditation, horse stance traning, candle gazing and brick breaking.
There again is a significant problem- the McDojoistas use that as a cover for their own ineptitude, and again, they are about as "traditional" as McDonald's is "fine cuisine".

Virtually all of the koryu masters I have known, are all too happy to demonstrate what they know, IF they are approached in the correct fashion. Approach them with a desire to learn, and they're happy to accomodate. Approach them like you want a 'UFC' match, and you'll get nothing.
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